Is there instant coffee that dissolves in cold water?

Answer You'll be in China, so you can't really drink the cold tap water but if you meant bottle tap water then yeah I don't see why not, caffeine is water soluble.From wiki the following:Solubility in wat... Read More »

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Will instant coffee dissolve in cold water?

Yes, but the warmer the water is the faster the instant coffee will dissolve. It will dissolve but a whole lot slower than if the water was warm. The colder the water is the slower the water molecu... Read More »

What is the reason you fill a coffee maker with cold tap water, never with hot Please help me out here...?

hot water makes the pipes corrode, cold water doesn't. hot water often contains minerals that change the taste of coffee and tea

Which instant coffee sold in UK supermarkets is the nearest in flavour to strong turkish coffee?

Due to the unique method of preparation of Turkish coffee no supermarket instant will match the flavour. I'd go for an espresso powder and try that or if you have an ethnic groceries near you try t... Read More »

Instant coffee in recipe calling for three coffee granules?

Pretty sure the recipe is calling for 3 tablespoons possibly 3 teaspoons but if that were the case it would say 1 tablespoon.The recipe may be calling for you to dissolve the coffee in a liquid inc... Read More »