Is there ink made out of banana sap?

Answer 'Fehi', or 'Fe'i' banana plants, which are originally from Polynesia but are also grown in Hawaii, have purple-red or yellow-red sap that has been used for ink, according to Purdue University's Hor... Read More »

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Is banana bread made with liquid shortening?

Banana bread recipes vary widely depending on the person who wrote the recipe. Many, though not all, call for shortening of some kind, and in some cases this is in the form of liquid shortening.Re... Read More »

I need a recipe for Abolo. An African side dish made of corn dough and steamed in Banana leaves.?

Just google a recipe for it. I'm sure you'll find one.

Banana BREAD to Banana MUFFINS: How Do I Convert Cooking Time?

A little google search and it looks like you should be testing them at 15 minutes and probably done in 18-20 minutes.

Why does the skin on a banana change as the banana ripens?

Ethylene causes the ripening process, which also causes the color change.