Is there health insurance to cover copayments?

Answer Secondary health insurance covers copays. It fills the coverage gaps in your existing health insurance plan by kicking in and supplying the remaining money needed for copays, medication and other m... Read More »

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Is there health insurance to cover co-payments?

There is not a health insurance to specifically cover co-payments. However, you can have a secondary insurance that in some cases will cover co-pays and expenses not covered by a primary insurance,... Read More »

How to Cover a Pregnancy With Health Insurance?

A pregnancy, whether planned or unexpected, is a life-changing experience that can be expensive if not covered by health insurance. It's important to find a policy that provides the best care for m... Read More »

Can health insurance cover ulcerative colitis?

On One Hand: Coverage Depends on Health StatusChronic health conditions, including ulcerative colitis, are usually covered under most health insurance plans for those who are already insured. Howev... Read More »

Does health insurance cover dental?

Generally, health insurance does not cover dental and dental insurance is under a plan separate from health insurance. If you are under an employer policy check to see if dental is available. If no... Read More »