Is there green tea at asda?

Answer 1---Yes2---No.

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There was the slightest of lines in the positive part of your asda pregnancy test and a very strong line in the not pregnant what do you think take another in a couple of days?

This might mean that you have very low estrogen fluid in your body right now, because your so early in your pregnancy. Yes, if i was you i would take another test in about a week.

Who makes asda onn TVs?

Onn televisions are sold exclusively by Asda. All Onn products are made by the German company Schneider Electric.

Makeup brush kit asda?

i haven't found any in Asda or tesco but there is a kit in superdrug and it is the barry m travel brush set and its £9.99 for 4 brushes and a little bag it comes with a powder/blush brush,lip brus... Read More »

Asda parking fines?

You should bear in mind that any fines ASDA collect from this will go to charity. They are not trying to make money for themselves out of this (which would have put me against this idea), only to m... Read More »