Hi.I`m going to GENEVA SWITZERLAND on New Year....I`m going to stay 3 days there....?

Answer The answer is a simple NO. You do the ever same calculation mistake: Travelling to a destination and coming back from it usually takes at least half a day. The rest is the other half...

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Is there a way to get smoke smell (from going to a bar) out of a wool coat, without going to the dry cleaners?

Try hanging it in the bathroom the next time you take a hot shower the steam will help and then use the sprays if you wish.

Are they going to make a Lego Iron Man?

There are currently no plans to introduce a Lego Iron Man product line, according to the official Lego website. A call to the Customer Service Department of Lego Group on April 15, 2010, confirmed ... Read More »

What is the going price for scrap iron in San Diego?

As of April 2010, scrap yards in San Diego, California, are paying $2.15 per 100 pounds of scrap metal. Scrap metals include iron and steel. Metal recycling companies across the country pay more mo... Read More »

Thinking of going Vegan, does anyone know how I can keep my Iron level up?

Iron-needed for the production of blood cells and transporting oxygen.: green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, tofu, pumpkin seeds, figs, dried apricots and dates. Avoid taking supplements it i... Read More »