Is there going to be a friends movie?

Answer The talk about a movie came up again after the very successful Sex and the City movie, but a "Friends" movie seems very unlikely now.

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Is there going to be a sequel to this movie?

No, currently there are no plans to make a sequel

Is there going to be a movie for the lying game by Sara Shepard?

There is a possibilty that one could come out because of Pretty Little Liars books. But even for that it took four years to produce a tv show. So my answer is maybe but I'm not sure. Hope this help... Read More »

Is there going to be another Buffy the vampire slayer movie?

As far as I know yes but it's in development and if my sources are right it will be out in 2012 at the earliest

Is there ever going to officially be a theatrical movie based off of the old TV show Knight Rider?

That has been in talks for years- hopefully they will eventually get around to having one in production.