Who the hell is going to pay $1000 for a Blu Ray Player?

Answer The rich dudes that can afford it, of course! Same thing as everything else of new technology. The price is way out of the ordinary guy's reach and then after a few years it will come down. It h... Read More »

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What the hell is going on with me!?

Go to a doctor man! It can befluid build up jn your lungs which eventually can mean yiu wont breath! Or you could have asthama.

In 5 minutes all hell is going to break out?

do this it works... First flap your arms like a bird in front of people and scream dadadadada then go smoke some crack then take a spoon of peanut butter and fling it at people then go to a shoppi... Read More »

What the hell was going on on doctor who tonight?

Speaking as a complete fanboy, I absolutely loved it, with all the references to classic "DW", including the voices of previous Doctors and Susan (the Doctor's Grandaughter) at one point, as well a... Read More »


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