Is there financial support for pregnant teens?

Answer Financial Support For Pregnant TeensThere are many programs to help pregnant teens. There is the department of human services, wic, which is at your local health department. You can try churches. Y... Read More »

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Does the US have support for the young pregnant teens?

What kind of financial support does the government offer to a couple who are both under 16 and the female is pregnant?

Answer I'm not an expert, but there are government supported programs for just about every aspect of this situation ie. Medical, Welfare, foodstamps, etc... There are also program that focus on lo... Read More »

Do pregnant teens prefer the company of other pregnant teens?

It depends on the teen. It's like asking if dying people prefer the company of other dying people, or if midgets prefer the company of midgets.

I'd like to hear from pregnant teens or mothers of pregnant teens:?

1.) What is your age?I will be 16 in a few weeks2.) How far along are you?My son will be a year old two days after I turn 163.) What was the reason you had sex? (ex: pressure from bf)Honestly, I ha... Read More »