Is there eyeshadow that has oatmeal?

Answer wtf, no .. all eyeshadow is made of micas and pigments (which are crushed minerals, with added dye & colors) oatmeal is not a mineral = there is no such thing as "eyeshadow oatmeal'

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Is there makeup made out of oatmeal?

Some lotions like aveno i think! And there are definetly masks with oatmeal! Maybe foundations? Not sure :)

Is there a way to stop eyeshadow from crumbling?

If the eye shadow pan fell out of the pallet add a few sprinkles of water to it and stick in the freezer for half an hour. If the pan is still stuck in the pallet try to tap out the all ready crumb... Read More »

What is the difference between oatmeal& Irish oatmeal?

While any type of oatmeal can create a hearty, nutritious breakfast cereal, manufacturers distinguish oatmeal varieties according to their respective processing techniques. These procedures subtly ... Read More »

Can you substitute old-fashioned oatmeal for quick-cooking oatmeal?

You can substitute old-fashioned oatmeal (also called rolled oatmeal and oat flakes) for the quicker-cooking oatmeal. Old-fashioned oatmeal, however, may take longer to cook. But it's also more nut... Read More »