Is there chicken in Synvisc?

Answer Synvisc injections are sometimes referred to as "chicken shots" because the medication, which is injected into joints to provide pain relief for osteoarthritis, does in fact come from chickens. The... Read More »

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Is Euflexxa or Synvisc better?

On One Hand: Euflexxa May Be More EffectiveEuflexxa and Synvisc are both used for the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis in the knee. A study presented at the Osteoarthritis Research Soci... Read More »

What is a Synvisc injection?

A prescription medication, Synvisc injections contain a combination of chemicals known as Hylan GF-20. Doctors commonly prescribe injections of Synvisc for the treatment of osteoporosis in knee joi... Read More »

Is Synvisc covered by Medicare?

Yes, as of 2010, Synvisc is at least partially covered by Medicare, according to the drug's official website. A brand name version of the drug hylan G-F 20, Synvisc is a prescription drug administe... Read More »

What are Synvisc injections made of?

Synvisc is a drug that is used to replace lost synovial fluid and ease joint pain in affected patients, who are often elderly people. The medication is delivered via an injection through a syringe.... Read More »