Is there "black friday" in canada?

Answer The closest Canadian equivalent to the shopping frenzy on Black Friday would be Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. The actual American "black Friday" is just another day in November.

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Are computers on sale at black friday in Canada?

Macs don't really go on sale too much. Maybe $50, - 100? but you're losing more money buying a Mac than a PC. (Hardware is terrible on a Mac for a whopping $1,500!)

Has anyone went one day before black friday in a store and hid an item to be bought on black friday sale?

I have not.. But that is an excellent idea:o

Where Should I go to on Black Friday?

Check the Black Friday Ads site and plan your shopping accordingly. For example, Best Buy has 304 items in their ad. What if none of those items especially interest you? Just move down to the next... Read More »

Black Friday Help !?

yes i would go to walmart real early to get them in your size