Is there anywhere online I can buy ipecac syrup?

Answer Your local pharmacy will carry ipecac syrup. I hope it is for your first aid kit and that you aren't bulimic.

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Are ipecac tablets and ipecac syrup same thing?

Where to buy IPECAC syrup?

The only place you may be able to get Ipecac syrup is on line, check out Google..................

Ipecac syrup please!!!!?

Flick, you keep asking this question. You are not going to get syrup of ipecac as it has been pulled from the pharmacies due to abuse by people with anexoria or want to appear sick.

What is syrup of ipecac indicated for?

Syrup of ipecac is sometimes used to treat accidental poisonings. It is a liquid medication that can purchased without a prescription. If a poisoning occurs, syrup of ipecac is ingested to induce v... Read More »