Is there anywhere in Dublin that does hypnosis for a reasonable price?

Answer There are two main methods of hypnosis which can help you: suggestion-based and curative. Suggestion-based hypnotherapy provides lots of powerful and positive suggestions and instructions to the su... Read More »

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What are the best turntables that are at a reasonable price?

turntables on twenga are great, high quality and for good value too, check them out man.

My orthodontics is charging me 2500$ for only top braces is that a reasonable price?

Considering that full braces start at around $5,000, yes that is probably a reasonable price.

Does this monitor sound decent What would be a reasonable price for it?

There is nothing particulaly great out those specs. In fact, the brightness seems a little low. Maybe $125-$150 brand new? You are basically paying for the size on this one, not the quality.

What is a good lounge in NYC, that has good music, and reasonable price for drinks, to go on Sunday night?

Nothing is affordable in New York,especially on a Sunday night in the summer.