Is there anywhere i can get a computer for less than $100?

Answer you can get only a used one........maybe check the ads in the news paper or a thrift shop.

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Is there anywhere online other than eBay where I can purchase issues of Sabrina's Secrets magazine?

I have the entire collection, in immaculate condition along with the make up and beauty boxes that came with it, you can contact me at: Thanks S.

Is there a way to call anywhere in the world via computer to home phone for free?

no, you will need some kinda provider...but you always can use this....even with skype you need in/out... there is a way, but I'm not sure if you wanna do it!!! did y... Read More »

Is there a good LCD TV that costs less than 200?

Most LCD TV's cost over $200 and it would be difficult to find one for less than that amount. If you are wanting an LCD TV for under $200, it is best to purchase a used one at a second hand store o... Read More »

Why does my computer have less memory than it says it has?

32 Bit and 64 Bit are not used to tell how much RAM the OS uses, but how much it can ACCESS.A 32-Bit OS can not access more than ~4GB of system RAM where as a 64 Bit OS can access a lot.