Is there anyway u can post videos on youtube, without anyone seeing them?

Answer There is a way to upload them as a private video, where you can invite other people to watch them. If you don't invite anyone else then no one else can see it.Though honestly it would just be easie... Read More »

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Is there is anyway to download youtube videos?

Yeah, I use a browser that's called Torch browser and it's awesome, it's really fast and works on other video sites (not just YT). Give it a try.

Can i make videos and post them on youtube with a Nikon camera?

What are your favourite FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS Please post a link of them/it in answer to this question?

the emmy show is hilarious but in the search bar you have to type theemmyshow its hilarious!!!

Is there any way to download videos from youtube and save them to my hard drive?

You can download or buy,Snap it, i think its called...or Camtasiaorrrr, i think this is my favorite... WM Recorderyeah, that one works the best.All I did is use isohunt.comlook for WM recorderdownl... Read More »