Is there anyway to use my computer to tape a phone conversation?

Answer Buy a Phone Recording Controls-- a little adapter-- from your local Radio Shack store, will be good enough to solve you problem. Cost about $20.

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Can you tape a phone conversation?

Whether you can tape a phone conversation depends on where you live, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Federal law requires only one party--you-- to agree to a taping, but 12 states re... Read More »

Is it legal to tape a phone conversation?

Federal law allows taping of telephone calls when permission is given by one party and the party recording the call is a participant in the conversation. Some states require two parties to agree. R... Read More »

Is there anyway to get the G1 phone with the at&t network?

With most phones it's pretty easy to go between AT&T and T-Mobile. But the G1 was made by T-mobile(with allot of help from Google) but it was not made by a third party phone maker such as Motorola ... Read More »

I spilled water on my phone is there anyway i can fix it?

Take the battery out and dry everything completely. I used a hair dryer when I got mine wet. When it dried completely everything worked again.