Is there anyway to use my computer to tape a phone conversation?

Answer Buy a Phone Recording Controls-- a little adapter-- from your local Radio Shack store, will be good enough to solve you problem. Cost about $20.

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Can you tape a phone conversation?

Whether you can tape a phone conversation depends on where you live, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Federal law requires only one party--you-- to agree to a taping, but 12 states re... Read More »

Is it legal to tape a phone conversation?

Federal law allows taping of telephone calls when permission is given by one party and the party recording the call is a participant in the conversation. Some states require two parties to agree. R... Read More »

Is it legal to tape record a conversation with Social Security?

In most states it is illegal to record a phone conversation without the knowledge and consent of the person on the other end. Because laws vary from state to state, contact the attorney general's o... Read More »

How do I end a phone conversation?

Finding a way to gracefully end a phone conversation can save a lot of valuable time, and it's a skill best learned early and used consistently. The good news: Signing off over the telephone doesn'... Read More »