Is there anyway to shut up the gap advertisement on almost every yahoo page?

Answer If you use a modern browser you will never see ads. In Opera, you right click on an ad and choose "Block Content". In Firefox you use AdBlock Plus to block most ads and Flashblock to block the Flas... Read More »

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How do I prevent an advertisement from popping up every time I open or refresh a page?

Is There anyway to see who viewed your twitter page ?

Unfortunately Twitter doesn't have this feature. There are also no third party apps available.…

Is there anyway to find out what websites 1 of my YA! contacts logs on to, other than Yahoo?

Go to their house and look at their history. Or get an FBI warrant and they will do a search for you.

Is there anyway that I can view every single friend request I've had on facebook?

Nope, only ones you can see are the ones you selected "not now" on as they are still waiting to be confirmed