Is there anyway to heal up light scratches really quickly?

Answer hydrogen peroxide, i use it on my acne scars and it lightens them really quickly.

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Do scratches usually take this long to heal...?

you kept them to moist and that is why they scared now you are not perfect so sorry but welcome to the real world

How to heal a cut quickly?

A deep cut that is less than 48 hours old may need stitches. Otherwise keep it clean, use antibiotic ointment and keep it covered for a few days. Something really superficial may heal nicely with... Read More »

How can you heal a cut quickly?

Apply pressure. It'll stop the bleeding.As well as doing that you should put some TCP on it or something like it, it may sting but it will heal quicker. If you wear a plaster on the cut take it off... Read More »

How do I make this heal more quickly?