Is there anyway to heal up light scratches really quickly?

Answer hydrogen peroxide, i use it on my acne scars and it lightens them really quickly.

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Is there anyway to heal the gallbladder?

The liver makes bile. The bile flows from the inside of the liver,through tube like structures (known as ducts) to the gallbladderlocated under the liver. The gallbladder stores this bile andconc... Read More »

I'm broke, but really want a pizza. Is there anyway to get one for free?

Whores should not have problems for free pizza

Is there anyway to take scratches out of stainless steel I have a scratch on my stainless steel watch.?

From a materials science point-of-view, anything harder than steel can physically buff the scratches out, but most things would just introduce further scratching. I don't know if the watch is water... Read More »

Is there a comedy movie that you didn't find to be really funny, but you still liked it anyway?

((Maddie))Yes "Dr Strangelove"'s consider one of the greatests comedies of all time...getting 100% on Rotten tomatoes....however i found the movie more complicated than funny...don't get me w... Read More »