Is there anyway to get the G1 phone with the at&t network?

Answer With most phones it's pretty easy to go between AT&T and T-Mobile. But the G1 was made by T-mobile(with allot of help from Google) but it was not made by a third party phone maker such as Motorola ... Read More »

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Is there anyway to see who is using my wireless network?

Connect to your router first, it will be a url similar to this: username and password, then go to where it says anything about "Attached devices, active devices, connected d... Read More »

Is there anyway I can find out if someone is logged on to my network?

There are many different ways to check if someone has connected to your wireless network and depending on what type of wireless router you have it might even tell you who is connected on the config... Read More »

Is there anyway to tell if someone else has accessed/is accessing your wireless network ?

login to your router and find the DHCP option.There are listed all the computers that are connected to your wireless router. Since you are logged on ,in the wireless tab enable security,put a pass ... Read More »

Is there anyway I can 'sniff' my home-network to find out what my teenage son is looking at on the internet?

Just ask him. Why not have him show you how to surf the internet. Let him teach you how to use the computer. As you get more comfortable you will probably figure out if he is making some bad dec... Read More »