Is there anyway to block websites off your computer?

Answer Yuppers, we can help you with that problem. Great Question by the way and thank you for participating. You can go into your control panel, internet options folder, security tab at the top. Then cli... Read More »

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Is there anyway to block a number from your cell phone?

unfortunately, there is no system to block someone from calling one's phone. This is because the system works on the basis of a free and un-hampered exchange of ideas, no matter what happens, one ... Read More »

Is there anyway you can save pictures from a dvd to your computer?

Yes.... but depends on how the slide show application was setup on the DVD.You could look for folders that contain image files, which is the first thing to try (and the easiest).After that it beco... Read More »

Is there anyway to find out what websites 1 of my YA! contacts logs on to, other than Yahoo?

Go to their house and look at their history. Or get an FBI warrant and they will do a search for you.

How to Block Specific Websites on a Computer?

Some websites contain objectionable material and some websites can infect your computer with viruses. You may want to block specific sites to protect your children from seeing things they are too y... Read More »