Is there anyway I can speed up my PC?

Answer Well obviously you could get rid of any unused or unwanted files to clear up some space. also look around on your start menu to see if you would like to uninstall any applications. If you want to g... Read More »

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I s there anyway to get Imessage on a apple ipodtouch 8g 2nd generation or something like that is there a app for it?

I just got horrific prank call from someone. is there anyway to figure out there number so i can report them?

If someone prank calls you and it was a private number you can press a *_ _ number not sure what it would be with your service provider....If you do this each time they call for 3 times, you can ge... Read More »

Is there anyway 2 get rid of freckles.?

Lemon juice will fade them some. You could always try a cream made to fade skin spots.

Is there anyway I can get internet?

The closest thing you can get is a 'MiFi' unit.They are a combination of 3G modem with WiFi router, so you can get online with any device that has WiFi.You can get them unlocked to work with any ne... Read More »