Is there anyway I can report this?

Answer Just flag it. YouTube needs to have an option for this sort of stuff. Yes, even though it is how people mark cattle, the people in the video were enjoying it and they taped it for amusement. Thi... Read More »

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I just got horrific prank call from someone. is there anyway to figure out there number so i can report them?

If someone prank calls you and it was a private number you can press a *_ _ number not sure what it would be with your service provider....If you do this each time they call for 3 times, you can ge... Read More »

Is there anyway a landlord can legally do this?

Shed cannot evict you for nonpayment if the rent is due on the 1st and it is not the 1st yet. In fact, if she tried top evict you for non-payment, you actually have until the court orders you to b... Read More »

My iPod touch just deleted all of my photos why did it do this and is there anyway of getting them back?

Connect iPod to computer, and then open "Computer", iPod should show as a drive letter there. If not, please follow these instructions: In iTunes, right click on your iPod and select "iPod Options... Read More »

Would like a copy of Neglect-juvenile petition no1269 thru dept of welfare in 1971. Our mother died and father doesn't care - is there anyway of getting this?

Words can be bad words if it can be demoralized, degraded, destroyed one's reputation or it can hurt somebody's feelings.