Is there anything you don't understand about the Internet?

Answer No.

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Health about Alcohol and I dont know anything about Alchohol?

1. pathway when injested takes its course like any other liquid in the body. 2. pretty much all your organs are affected mostly liver because its the filter for the body.3. the BAC is the Blood Alc... Read More »

I dont know anything about stock market, can anybody explain me about this?

Well just have a go at the previous answer of mine, its worth a beginners tutorial.…

I dont think you understand what im asking about the scanner on my walgreens?

It sounds like you're asking something that Walgreens should answer. If a phone conversation doesn't work then maybe go in person and get them to fix the problem.

How can i get the patient to understand how to look after there sugar level down if they dont inderstand?

To see if somebody understood what you said, ask them to explain it back to you.For diabetes, I recommend sending any diabetic to a diabetes educator.