Is there anything you can say or do to help my friend who is quitting smoking?

Answer Well, having quit myself I must say it is difficult.... especially "cold turkey". I remember there were days that were easy, days that were hard and days that were close to impossible. I had a hu... Read More »

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Will quitting smoking help osteoporosis?

On One Hand: Qutting Can HelpQuitting smoking is recommended for people who have osteoporosis, according to Medline Plus. The Mayo Clinic also reports that smoking makes bone loss worse, and so not... Read More »

True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol?

We are bodily and mentally different from our fellows. (BB pp 30 - (sic)) Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and I use them to relax. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and I used it ... Read More »

Are there any benefits to quitting smoking after doing it for a decade?

Yes.When it comes to your own health, your risks of cancer and heart disease drop. They will always be a little bit higher than that of someone who never smoked, but it is better to stop smoking a... Read More »

I am quitting smoking - please help me find a way to avoid the cravings?

Don't give in to them! I found it helped me get through by telling myself that I could smoke as many as I wanted tomorrow and that I just had to get through today. When tomorrow came I would say ... Read More »