Is there anything you can do to help leg pain?

Answer You're obviously aware that all the time on your feet at work is stressing your legs. You have to be allowed a few breaks and a lunch period - make sure you get off your feet and, if possible, put ... Read More »

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Is there anyone out there that needs a little help With life With pain With... anything?

Very kind of you but no thanks................

My husband has a pain on his right side of the chest is there anything that i can give to ease his pain?

Yes, the best thing you can do is to get him to a doctor like ASAP. Any kind of chest pain should be considered and given careful consideration, and be brought to a physician's attention. Mike

There is barely anything in my fridge and I'm starving help And I don't have $ to order anything?

Without telling us what you do have in your fridge, freezer or cupboard we can't help you.If there is bread and butter you could make a sandwich, or cook some eggs if you have someDune

Idk if i have a toothache or if it is my gum that hurt. is there anything i can do to get rid of the pain?

You can use any OTC pain killer to relieve the pain or go to dentist and get checkup done and take the medications prescribed by him.Home Remedies for Toothache1. Clove oil is often used as an effe... Read More »