Is there anything wrong with my neck?

Answer Always alternate sides while sleeping. I had the same problem for a month or so then I went to see a chiropractor and now I'm ok.He said that neck problems are easily treated and after he treated ... Read More »

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What is wrong with my neck?

Tiger Balm and Aspirin my friend.You pulled something bad.

I think somethings wrong with my neck?

your neck muscles are weak from nerve interference. see an hio method chiropractor to correct the cause.

What can go wrong with neck surgery?

All surgeries carry risks, minor and major. If you are in good general health, you likely have a lower risk of developing complications. When discussing neck surgery with your surgeon, weigh all th... Read More »

When you wake up with a kink in your neck from sleeping the wrong way, should you use heat or ice to help?

Tylenol is for acute pain. Ibuprofin is for muscle aches, like you have.What works for me is: Sit up on the side of your bed, feet on the floor. Take your left arm, reach over your head, grabbin... Read More »