Is there anything wrong with a 15 year old girl going out with a 18 year old boy?

Answer nothing is wrong in this world is wrong until u think so.& i dont think that there is much of an age difference between the two of them.thats perfectly allright atleast for me

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21 year old girl sharing a bed with a 16 year old girl family member is this wrong as her 13 year old sister is also in the same room?

If the bed is being shared for sleeping there is nothing wrong. Not every family has the space and/or money to provide single beds and/or rooms for everyone. Years ago it was common for for three t... Read More »

Is there anything wrong with a 16-year-old who has Osgood Schlatter Disease and whose knee cracks everytime he bends it?

Answer My Daughter has Asgood's too and was told by Specialist if it continues after the age of 17 then to return because they should grow out of it when body and bones stop growing. So you might c... Read More »

Is it wrong for a 22-year -old boy to be in love with a 9-year -old girl?

It is very strange to, you probably don't love her you probably have feelings but you shouln't, just try to get over her, and move on with your life, you are probably missing out on big and maybe g... Read More »

Can an 11 year old wear thongs cuz i dont see anything wrong with it;?

Nah you dont need to wear thongs unless there comfortable to you.