Is there anything that can be done to correct a curving spine without surgery?

Answer Braces perhaps.I don't recommend a chiropractor with major issues like curvature of the spine. And neither does my orthopedic surgeon

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If i had curved spine more than 50 degrees, must I do a surgery, can I just skip?

If you want to be in pain all your life you can go without the surgery. If you think you can survive without it don't have the procedure.

What can i do to sooth three hurniated disks in my spine, other than surgery or medication?

Previous answers are good and can all help.However, there is one thing that is not mentioned and that is the cause of EVERY case of herniated discs - dehydration.The discs in your spine are like li... Read More »

I have been told a discogram is billable as surgery because a needle was inserted into my spine. I was not cut into. Is this true?

Answer Depending on your insurance carrier and the type of coverage you have, the answer should be yes. Any procedure that is invasive is considered surgery by virtually all insurers. That is esp... Read More »

Can fusing of the lower spine be slowed or even stopped by moving it and arching the spine regularly?

Yes. Physical therapy followed by copious quantities of medication for pain management.Copious.