Is there anything that can be done after foreclosure to keep your property?

Answer On One Hand: Before the AuctionForeclosure is not an event, but a process. Receiving a foreclosure notice is only the beginning. How you respond to that notice will determine whether you are able t... Read More »

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Is there anything legally can be done when a sibling own half of property and not abiding the will to pay there part of the debt incurred?

They like to feel power and control over the younger ones because the parents can control them. So it looks something like this. Dad > Mom > Older Son > Younger Son Answer #2 If you feel that your... Read More »

Is there anything that can be done to correct a curving spine without surgery?

Braces perhaps.I don't recommend a chiropractor with major issues like curvature of the spine. And neither does my orthopedic surgeon

My Husband has low Blood Pressure 89/111.Is there anything that can be done about this.?

The higher number in blood pressure readings, systolic, is always given first. If I were to assume that you have just reversed the numbers and you mean 111/89, then the bottom reading 89 is high, s... Read More »

Is there anything legal that can be done against a civilian who is intercepting my text messages?

Document your evidence and take it to the police.