Is there anything that I should know about working out I am starting the gym today!?

Answer Drink the protein shakes within 30 minutes after your work-out. Always stretch before and after exercising. If you are looking to build muscle, be sure to do your resistance (weight) training BEFOR... Read More »

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Will schizandra seeds sprout and grow into a bush in the UK is there anything special i need to do to get?

Schisandra seeds are best started off indoors in March. Soak overnight in warm water, then sow in good quality seeding compost away from the edge of the pot. Sow more than you need as germination i... Read More »

Does Walt Disney world do anything special for children with special needs?

One thing you can do to not have the baby, even if it is immoral is to have an abortion.

Is there anything harmful about Stevia?

No. Stevia itself is safe, but some stevia companies add additives that you may have reactions to if you are sensitive to it. Stevia products different in taste and quality, if you've used one, yo... Read More »

Is there anything you don't understand about the Internet?