Is there anything i can use to download music on, besides itunes Something FREE.?

Answer lime wire

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Are there any other sights besides limewire where you can download music for free?

Lots, but i would load Norton first!I cant wait for your next question " Why is my pc running slow"

Is there anything better than limewire [thats not to complicated] that u can download music & video thats free?

You better start using itunesotherwise you'll lose your internet…,2933,4700……

Is there any way to get songs for free besides itunes?

Nothing that gets you music free is going to be legal. But I use You search the song and artist, then click on the one you want, then check the box and type in the characters shown... Read More »

Where can i download free music for itunes?

Avoid p2p software like Ares, Limewire, Frostwire, Bearshare, torrents etc. -* read about risks of file sharing technology at…Instead, use websites like h... Read More »