Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?

Answer Ya, go swiming!!! It will help a lot... Riding is great as well, but most can't do it...

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I'm going to the store,can i get anybody anything while i'm there...byeeee?

Why don't you pick us up some KY... it's gonna be a long night...

Is there anything to hold your iPad 2 while you running?

Sorry you can't, hopefully they do it in the next update! But for now you must stay in the annoying group convos

Israel; anything you would recommend me doing while I'm over there ?

on arrival at TLV (Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport) you may be subject to prolonged questioning, searches and/or denied entry all together if you are suspected of Arab decent. Also you... Read More »

How to Carry Keys and ID While Using a Wheelchair or Crutches?

It is difficult to get things out of pockets or bags if you're using a wheelchair or on crutches. A key and ID necklace can help.Put your bus pass or ID in a clear plastic badge holder, and wear it... Read More »