Is there anything fun to do on the internet anymore?

Answer the internet is always fun if you're using it for silly stuff. I think you're trying to do serious things online which is really difficult. just stick to the light hearted stuff.or of course, you c... Read More »

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Is there anything to do on the internet when your bored?

Try playing online games herehttp://www.miniclip.comGood luck

Is there anything you don't understand about the Internet?

Is there anything I can do to improve a wireless internet connection?

If you have a USB wifi adapter, try putting it on a USB extension cord and raising it up in the air--taping it to a wall or something. That can make a big difference. You can also buy wifi amplif... Read More »

Why doesn't anything matter to me anymore?

My advice is to see a doctor. It could be something simple as a chemical imbalance. All that's needed is a talbot to level out the imbalance. Talking to a specialist will help. If you can u... Read More »