Has anyone else tried this before Have you had anything else like this Answer in full please. Thanks!?

Answer Okay fed-boy:Cottage cheese with actual pineapple in it's own juice (drained) or peaches or pears or strawberries - any fruit really.Cold, raw oatmeal flakes with cold milk barely covering the 'pil... Read More »

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Is there anything else I can do?

Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud has her own make up range for pale skins as she too had the same problem trying to find a foundation to match her skin...heres the link to her dainty doll rangehttp:... Read More »

Is there anything else I can do for this?

When patients at our facility get a clot from an IV, we have them apply moist heat, keep elevated and alternate Advil and Aleve (if you have no allergies).

Skype makes my computer hot, is there anything else I can use?

it should not affect your computers heat unless you are making video calls, all programs like this will do the same as video is a processor intensive thing

Does anything else taste like Monster Rehab?

If you have an Aldi nearby, the have a Gridlock Revive. The generic version of Rehab