Is there anything I could take for period pains besides some tablets.....?

Answer Go to doc and get Norithisterone tablets .. they stop periods completely .. no more pain .. they won`t offer you them . you have to ask ..or .. diuretic tablets like Waterfall tablets .. when yo... Read More »

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ARGH anything to help with my period pains please answer!!?

I know a bath might seem a bit gross, but I've found what really helps me is to run a really hot one and just sit in it - the relief is crazy!! Tampons can help to ease the ickiness in this situati... Read More »

Could Back pains at 37 weeks pregnant mean anything?

Answer The baby is putting pressure on nerves within your spine. After you have delivered, I would suggest you have a Chiropractor make adjustments. Since the weight from carrying a baby for 9 mon... Read More »

If you are in the very early stages of pregnancy and are still getting period pains but no bleeding is this anything to worry about?

Answer Probably not.It is important to keep track of when the pains occur, how long, and are they intense or just uncomfortable?Don't be afraid to talk to your OB, the nurse practitioner or whomeve... Read More »

If i take 30 percocet tablets in a 3 month period, can i get liver damage?

Heres what people need to understand about drugs like percoset. Doctors and the media are making such a big stink over a tiny bit of narcotic, nobody is telling patient the majority of these drugs ... Read More »