Is there anything I could do to make my adderall last longer?

Answer You could ask for the extended release "Adderall XR" but you'd be getting a slower, milder effect.Someday they'll discover an amphetamine that lasts 12 hours.

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Can Adderall make you tired?

On One Hand: Adderall Can Make You TiredTaking amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (brand-name Adderall) can make a person very tired, according to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus. This is a serious... Read More »

Does chewing Adderall make it hit you quicker?

On One Hand: Chewing Adderall Is DangerousAccording to, an Adderall capsule should never be crushed, chewed, broken or opened. To ensure safety and effectiveness, swallow the capsule whol... Read More »

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