Is there anything I could do to make my adderall last longer?

Answer You could ask for the extended release "Adderall XR" but you'd be getting a slower, milder effect.Someday they'll discover an amphetamine that lasts 12 hours.

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Is there a way to make bread last longer... ie keep it from getting stale so fast.?

I buy a few loaves and stick a couple in the freezer, when the bread from the freezer has thawed out it tastes fresher i think.Or you could just freeze half a loaf till youneed it

What could you suggest to have with leek pudding to make a meal, is there anything in particular?

You don't want anything too rich or creamy. I'd suggest plain roast meat or chicken and a green salad or veg. Thanks for the question; I'd never seen leek pudding before, but it looks tasty! I'm g... Read More »

Could the same thing happen to me If it does will there be anything I could do to stop it happening?

everyone is different. although a condition could be carried in the genes i guess. im not a expert but stay strong, i delt ir be likely :)

I'm getting a tattoo for my brother who past away last year, is there anything i can do to make it hurt less?

Ha ha good examples of how to get it not to hurt. But I would just go through it with not doing anything. You would want to feel pain for your brother!!! Good Luck!!!