Is there anything I can take to calm myself down?

Answer Following is a list of natural herbs that might help:Lemon Balm is known for it's calming effect and is often used in tea.Chamomile is also a popular favorite for tea, and can help to relax and imp... Read More »

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Ive got my driving test in the morning! Anyone know anything to calm me down!?

I think I’ve drank too much caffeine…what can I take to calm down?

Yes the first thing you need to ask your self is the caffiene making my heart race? Then you have to say to your self i am me and i am above this, calm down like the other guy or girl have said, a... Read More »

I just cut myself while shaving down there help?

You put a bandaid near your anus? You're fine. It'll heal like everything else you cut while shaving, but do put antibiotic cream on it.

What causes insomnia Is there a cure Also, anything I can do to help myself, aside from taking sleep aides?

So beer is out then. Well I am out of ideas then.