Is there anything I can eat to keep mosquitoes from biting me?

Answer Catnip Mosquito Repellent w/ RosemaryLast year, several members of the Iowa State University Department of Entomology presented the results of a study on common catnip. Among their conclusions was ... Read More »

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Is there anything I can do to keep sores from breaking out on dad who is in hospital. He is diabetic.?

There may be no medical treatment which will help but he's entitled to basic nursing care to keep him comfortable. He should be moved every hour, his vulnerable points (elbows. heels, buttocks) sh... Read More »

How can I naturally keep flies and mosquitoes away from my patio?

Here's some ideas:Cinnamon oil shows promise as an environmentally friendly pesticide, killing mosquito larvae more effectively than DEET. The CDC says " oil of lemon eucalyptus provides protection... Read More »

How to Keep Fleas From Biting You?

Fleas (Siphonaptera) spread diseases and parasites and were responsible for spreading the plague, or the "black death" that killed millions of people throughout Europe. Flea bites itch and are apt ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Toddler from Biting?

Toddlers bite when they're frustrated and don't know how else to express it, when they're interested in finding out more about someone, and when teething. These are some pieces of advice to convinc... Read More »