Is there anything I can do to make my teeth look better?

Answer try asking your dentist you should begoing every six months if you have insurance .Grinding your teeth can weaken them and cause breakage this I know because I went to my Dentist for the same thing... Read More »

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How to make my teeth look better?

1. How often do you brush (should be 3 times a day, soft bristles, DO NOT brush very hard). You may be brushing too hard. If your teeth look like the enamel is thinning DO NOT use a whitening to... Read More »

Is There Anything to Heat in the Microwave to Make it Smell Better?

Microwaves were one of the most helpful inventions in the world for busy families, but they do tend to hold on to unpleasant odors. If you don't want to have the coffee that just needed a quick zap... Read More »

Is there anything i can eat or drink to make my vaginal area smell better?

What is the best way to photograph snow, and are there any filters that will make it look better?

Snow tends to fool the camera sometimes, it's not as bright as your camera thinks it is. All that reflected light fools the meter. Your camera's meter probably wants to make the snow 18% gray. Of... Read More »