Is there anything I can do to kill the ticks in my yard?

Answer Ticks thrive in grassy areas like your yard. These pests present problems for your family and your pets as well. Oftentimes homeowners are reduced to using chemicals on their pets or themselves to ... Read More »

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How do I kill fleas& ticks in the yard?

Diatomaceous EarthEstimate the area of your yard. Buy a sufficient quantity of diatomaceous earth (a fine dust made up of fossilized water plants that is fine-ground and will kill fleas on contact ... Read More »

Home Remedies to Kill Ticks in Your Yard?

Ticks are dangerous pests for humans and animals alike.The most serious of these health conditions is Lyme disease, a highly infectious disease that spreads through the body, sometimes resulting in... Read More »

How do i rid a yard of ticks?

Ticks can be a major pest problem in a yard with high grass or in an area surrounded by woods. This small, round insect is known for burrowing its way into the skin of pets and humans alike, causin... Read More »

Is there any way to get ticks out of my yard, so they do not get on the dog?

In order to eradicate your tick problem you will have to do a few things. You are going to have to treat certain areas at the same time to control the infestation. First of all, the area around the... Read More »