Is there anyone left who DOESN'T have a myspace?

Answer whats a myspace?

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Is there any adult material on youtube...i have been looking threw it and there doesnt seem to be any.?

i dont assume much, i just have a hope of gaining 10 points.Adult Category on

Doesnt anyone have any good tips for adding my flavor packet to this Ramen?

i'm assuming you have hands if so tear it open + pour the contents into bowl . if that is to hard go next door + ask someone to hold your hand for you while you do this . make sure to find someone... Read More »

Who has a myspace and who doesnt?

Does anyone have a myspace?

I have myspace. I don't understand your question. I love myspace. My kids friends have reached me on this! I have made connections from high school and made alot of new friends.