Is there anyone else who ISN'T on Facebook?

Answer Facebook is just for nerds

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Isnt there anyone who is getting sick of using facebook?

Yes, i'm getting a bit bored of it. A girl I know was just in hospital having her hand operated on and she's posted pictures of the blood and the whole process! It's just ridiculous. Some people ne... Read More »

Is anyone else as addicted to facebook as me?

I am soooo addicted, especially with some of the applications, although I do need to get on before other 'friends' do so i get to bomb their pirate ship or bite them before they do it to me ;-).btw... Read More »

Is Facebook not working for anyone else too?

OMG! I feel so lost! Mine isn't working either here in Maine, USA. I am sure it will be back up shortly, they just did some voting on changes to facebook today, that perhaps could have effected this?

Is Facebook down for anyone else?

Behaving a bit odd, but still working I thinkThere are a few updates due very soon - prehaps the pre-work is messing with things