Is there any way you could no your pregnant without tests?

Answer Until your belly starts to swell (around the 3rd month) there's no way to "know" without taking a test.

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I am on clomiphene to fall pregnant. Period is 2 weeks late had cramping and a lot of creamy mucus 2 AHP tests 1 blood tests all negative Could clomphene affect the results could I still be pregnant?

Answer You have probably developed an ovarian cyst, which often happens with clomid. It can delay your period and cause painful cramping. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound.

All of your pregnancy tests and blood tests say you are pregnant and you just got off of the pill but why are you still having your period?

Answer Is it an actual period? Bright red and follows the light, heavy, light pattern. If it is more light pink or brown and more like spotting, it could be implantation bleeding. It normally come... Read More »

If three pregnancy tests come out negative and you have had a normal period for the last two months but you noticed your breasts leaking could you still be pregnant?

Answer Breast leaking in pregnancy usually doesn't occur until at least 5 months pregnant. I would say you are safe on the pregnancy part but I'd go to the gyno if you are leaking, and have not re... Read More »

Is there a possibility you can get 2 neg pregnancy tests in your second month with out a period an still be pregnant?

AnswerIt is not impossible, but it is much, much, much more likely that you are not getting your period for another reason. Either way, you should make a doctor's appointment. Missed periods do not... Read More »