Is there any way you can report abuse on wikipedia?


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What is (report abuse)?

It's a way to report someone who is answering with profanity or anything else that might be violent or offensive to you. You can also report people's questions if they are offensive or violent in ... Read More »

Can a child report abuse?

Equal protection under the law does not have an age limit. That means yes.

How to Report Abuse on YouTube?

YouTube is an online community owned by Google. Once you create an account, you can upload videos to share with the world. Many people post movie, music or electronics reviews. Others record themse... Read More »

How can you report Sexual abuse?

If you ever get the feeling that someone you know (or someone in gerneral) is being abused, report it. And it just doesn't mean that if you know a kid that is getting abused, it also applies to adu... Read More »