Is there any way you can have a baby if you got fixed?

Answer If you are a woman, and had your fallopian tubes tied and cut you cannot fall pregnant by normal methods. It is possible to use "in vitro" (test-tube) methods to collect eggs from your ovaries, fer... Read More »

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Are there any successful stories where two young teens have stayed together and can honestly say they're happy because you're 18 and your boyfriend is 21 and you have a baby boy due in November?

Yes, I can honestly say that there are teens out there who have stayed together and are happy because me and my husband are proof. I am 19 and my husband is 21. We've been married since July 2003 a... Read More »

Is there a possibility that an impotent man can have a baby?

Impotent means he can't get it up. so if he can manage to get it up he can have a baby. If he is sterile, that means he has no sperm and he cannot have a baby.

Is there a law that your newborn baby has to have DNA testing?

Beginning in the 1960s, states began mandating genetic testing of newborn babies without parental consent. While every state requires this testing, some provide an opt-out process. There is no fed... Read More »

Is there ever an appropriate age to let a baby CIO..pediatrician says i have to?

my daughter only started sleeping through at 14 months. i never ever used cry it out. do not teach you child that when he wants or needs you, that you wont come. teach him to self soothe so he lear... Read More »