Is there any way we can get rid of the crazy psycho lable that tends to go along with vegetarians and vegans?

Answer Hey Bojangles, good to see you again.:)Be yourself. Be a good person. That is all any of us can do on the matter because people will believe what they want to. If you try to explain they will fi... Read More »

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Vegetarians and Vegans, what do you find annoying about other Vegetarian and Vegans?

I dislike it when other vegans wear shirts or bumper stickers that say," Heart attacks, God's revenge for people eating meat, or " Meat it's what 's rotting in your colon". I also dislike the fact... Read More »

How to Tell if the Person You're Dating Is Crazy/Psycho?

The Bates MotelFeel as though your boyfriend/girlfriend has been collecting your toenails in a small jar underneath the bed? Wondering if that was his/her face skulking behind a plant while you wer... Read More »

Age/sex of all you vegetarians/vegans?

I am a 23-year-old female vegetarian. It is so exciting to see all of the vegetarians answering this question that are young's nice to see that there is so much compassion in the youn... Read More »


Sorry in advance, because I am an Ex nothing. I am vegan and loving it.I just wanted to let you know that I have given you a star of interest as I think you have asked a very good question, which h... Read More »