Is there any way to transfer your monthly adsl usage to another adsl?

Answer Unfortunately, that's just how big ISP's make their money. It's similar to trying to argue getting a lunch buffet price for a full price dinner at the same restaurant.

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Can you connect your iphone with adsl lead?

Do you have ADSL for your computer or do you still use dial up?

I am using ADSL to connect internet.ADSL is faster and cheaper compared with Dial up. So, If you are online often, you should choose ADSL. You can choose Dial up if you have a little time to be on... Read More »

What are ADSL & DSL?

Prior to the advent of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, a computer-user could not make calls on a copper telephone line and access the Internet on that line simultaneously. While DSL refer... Read More »

Is ADSL a speed test?

ADSL is not a speed test; it is a type of broadband Internet connection. Unlike typical DSL connections, an ADSL (asymmetrical digital subscriber line) connection uploads and downloads data at dif... Read More »