Is there any way to skip surveys when downloading?

Answer The files on that site are scams to get you to keep answering surveys, so the uploader gets paid. There is no file; it's either empty or gibberish.Sources(s): Read More »

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Does anyone know how to skip/bypass surveys on website?

No there isn't a way around it. The site is built that way. When you have completed the survey then you canhave your download.Bit like paying an entrance fee to get in somewhere.No money = you don'... Read More »

Where can i get a free itunes gift card without signing up no surveys or downloading anything?

Why don't you go for the iTunes new member promotion? If you get yourself a new account, you get 5 free songs. I think you can even set up multiple accounts and combine the music into one, but I'm ... Read More »

Where can i watch the runaways movie online for free with no downloading or surveys the FULL movie?

You can watch Runaways movie online from . I love this movie. It's really very interesting..

How can you skip directly to the menu on the DVD and skip the previews?

Click the Main Menu (Top Menu or Pop-Up Menu) button. If that doesn't work then keep hitting the Skip button.