Is there any way to see who has viewed your facebook profile?

Answer Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users to track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer appli... Read More »

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Is there a way to know who viewed my profile on facebook?

How to know who's viewed your Facebook profile?

if you open you fb account you will se a lock image on the top right side click on it one option which is who can see my stuff just click on can change it as public friends.etc

What is the app called on facebook where you can see who had viewed your profile?

type in fancheck in the search box and then where it says all results click applications. It should be their just click the thing that say something like use application

What facebook application lets you see who viewed your profile?

Theres no application. There is a group that claims if you join and invite 50 people youll start recieving notifications on who went to your profile but ANYTHING that says you can see who viewed y... Read More »