Is there any way to scan a file for viruses?

Answer good scanners like norton, avast, and a few others can scan inside of zips... you should not be dealing with illegal software though.. and thats the only reason i can figure you would be scannin... Read More »

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If i wanted to scan my computer for viruses, would i check my c drive or jsut make the antivirus scan?

Can AVG scan all viruses?

HiDownload AVAST. It's FREE, efficient, won't slow your computer down and YOU won't need any other software either. This anti-virus loads before windows log on which is the correct procedure. Then ... Read More »

How do I scan for viruses on windows?

You need to acquire an anti-virus program and install it. Then use it to scan your system. Be sure to keep your virus definitions up to date.

How often should you scan for your computer for viruses?

You should have full time spyware and virus protection.You should update your spyware and virus protection weekly and run a full scan weekly with each.If you download from untrusted sources (file s... Read More »