Is there any way to scan a file for viruses?

Answer good scanners like norton, avast, and a few others can scan inside of zips... you should not be dealing with illegal software though.. and thats the only reason i can figure you would be scannin... Read More »

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If i wanted to scan my computer for viruses, would i check my c drive or jsut make the antivirus scan?

Is there a way i can scan a document and then type on it like a text file.?

Well, when you scan a document, it's in pdf format. It is uneditable unless you have adobe acrobat, which is pretty expensive. You can buy software to convert pdf files to microsoft word format, ... Read More »

Can AVG scan all viruses?

HiDownload AVAST. It's FREE, efficient, won't slow your computer down and YOU won't need any other software either. This anti-virus loads before windows log on which is the correct procedure. Then ... Read More »

How do I scan for viruses on windows?

You need to acquire an anti-virus program and install it. Then use it to scan your system. Be sure to keep your virus definitions up to date.